Linear 3 Demi

Linear 3 Demi


This brush creates the same width line as the Linear 3, but the fibre bundle is half the length which allows the User to create more curved lines. The Linear 3 Demi makes it easier to do detailed work on the face like eyeliner and eyebrow highlights.

The Linear 3 Demi brush is designed to be used with liquid, cream or powder products such as:

  • Lip colour
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyebrow colour
  • Eye liner
  • Highlight
  • Skincare products


The Elite Collection handles use paired elliptical/oval shapes with a bundle design that offers thousands of fibres all aligned to form a linear shape. The double oval design and unique bundle orientation is exclusively patented by Artis, and CosmeFibre is trademarked.

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